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Welcome 1.1

Welcome to appRapid!  We’re happy to have you on board and can’t wait for you to start working with us. AppRapid offers you flexibility to create your own schedule, choose your shifts and locations. 

Below are some tips to help you get started:  

1.2. Booking the shifts. 

1.3.  Once you are hired. 

1.4.  Receiving great reviews.

1.5. Your shifts importance.

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1.2 Booking the shifts


•    You can see available shifts by opening the app or enabling your push notifications. When you open AppRapid you will be able to see the jobs in “Jobs for you” on your homepage.

•    Jobs get booked up fast, so is ideal to have your push notifications enabled.

•    You will need to review the time, location and pay rate of shifts and only apply for a shift if you are able to work if hired.

•    Please read all shift details (location, date and time, uniform, pay rate) and apply only if you’re able to fulfill the requirements.

1.3 Once you
are hired


Check your calendar in AppRapid, you will be able to see the shifts you have been hired for.

•    Check the address of the shift and get the map directions.

•    Prepare your uniform

•    If is your first shift in the location, try to arrive 10-15 mins before the shift start time so that you have enough time to find the department and supervisor.

1.4. Receiving
great reviews:

•    After every shift your performance can be reviewed, so make sure you are doing a great job.

•    Try to be a team player and be polite to everyone working on site, be flexible to different finish times if requested.

•    Be professional while on shift and Don’t use your phone during the shift.

•    Make sure you have the full uniform as requested in the job details

•    Make sure you’re on-time and complete the whole shift.

1.5. Importance of
your shifts:

•    Please apply only if you are able to attend the shifts and have the required uniform.

•    If you need to cancel the shift, cancel as much in advance as possible.

•    Please avoid canceling at the last minute, as this leaves the client in a shortage of staff and replacing you can be very hard with a last minute cancellation.

•    Cancellations are monitored and it will affect your future potential jobs.

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