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Can I hire a candidate for a permanent role? / Can I transfer
a candidate

For an extended period of 26 weeks,


Using AppRapid to book temporary staff can be beneficial as it allows you to evaluate potential candidates before committing to long-term employment. We're glad you found a suitable candidate to hire!


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, and in accordance with our Terms of Use, SCHEDULE 2: TRANSFER / INTRODUCTION FEES,  we will invoice Clients an Introduction Fee for each candidate hired or otherwise directly engaged as below:


•      The direct hire fee is ……….

6% of the remuneration payable to the Agency Worker during the first 12 months of the Engagement. For the avoidance of doubt, the annual remuneration of the Agency Worker will be calculated by averaging the remuneration of the previous weeks of supply of the Agency Worker to the Hirer (up to a maximum of the previous 52 weeks) and multiplying the average figure by 52. Where the actual amount of the remuneration is not known

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