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How to hire or
unassign candidates?

To hire or unassign candidates, go to the "Review Candidates" tab on your home screen and select the job you want to review candidates for. The left column will show Pending Applications and the right column will show Assigned Candidates. To hire a candidate, swipe left on their application in the Pending Applications column. Before hiring, you can view the candidate's full profile, previous jobs, and experience by clicking on their tab. Make sure to also check the dates tab to assign the candidate to specific days.




To unassign a candidate, go to the Assigned Candidates tab on the right and swipe left to unassign them from the shift. Once positions are filled, pending candidates will no longer be visible in the Pending Applications tab and the job will appear filled to applicants. When a candidate is unassigned, the job becomes available to previous candidates and distributed to other pools of candidates.

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