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How to create a job posting?

Here's a more detailed explanation of each step in creating a job on AppRapid:


1.   Select the industry, department, and role for the job: This is where you specify what type of job you are looking to post. You can select the industry that the job belongs to, such as hospitality or industrial, and then choose the specific department within that industry, such as Front of House (FOH) or General Industrial Operative. Next, choose the specific role that the job falls under, such as waiter or food production operative.

2.   Choose the job location and add any additional information for workers: In this step, you will select the location of the job and provide any additional information that workers should know about, such as the best way to access the site or any restrictions that may apply. You can also add multiple locations for the job posting.

3.   Set the shift dates, start and finish times, number of candidates needed, and break length: Here, you will specify when the job is available and the schedule for the shifts. You can set the start and finish times for each day and specify how many candidates are needed for each shift. You also have the option to set a break length for the shifts.

4.   Select any qualifications or skills required for the role: If the job requires specific qualifications or skills, you can select them here. You can also choose optional skill sets if needed.

5.   Choose the uniform for candidates to wear on the job: In this step, you can specify what clothes candidates should wear on the job by selecting from the uniform options provided. You can also adjust the text to match your own uniform requirements.

6.   Set the pay rate: You can select one of the pay rates from the tabs as the amount paid to candidates per hour. It is important to note that hiring under the National Minimum Wage is not permitted. If you have an urgent job, consider paying more per hour than usual to attract applications.

         We can also assist you with recommendations of pay rates, please feel free to  reach us anytime at

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2_create a job posting (2).jpg

7.   Add a detailed job description and a contact person for candidates to report to: In this step, you will provide a detailed job description that includes the key responsibilities, duties, and any other information that may be useful for candidates applying for the job. You will also specify a contact person for candidates to report to once on-site.

8.   Choose manual or automated shift assignment:


AppRapid's search tools are tailored to your unique requirements. By choosing manual review, you will be able to choose the suitable candidate for hire following their applications. We recommend the Manual Shift Assignment to start with for the first job postings as you will have the full flexibility to choose the candidates best suited for

the role. 


 Automated Assignment will speed up your recruitment process, AppRapid search filters are optimized to search best candidates so they will be invited to accept the job. Additionally, a require same-candidate option is available to choose from, only candidates available to fulfill all shifts will be notified.



9.   Review the cost summary and add any discount codes before submitting the job: A summary total is visible on the page, with a clear breakdown per shift plus the employment costs and AppRapid commission. You can also add your PO number at the top of the page, the final invoice will be generated with the PO number on it. If you have a discount code you can enter it and the total price will be reduced.

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