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How to approve the hours on a timesheet

"To approve hours on a timesheet, first go to the "Timesheets" tab on the home screen. Here, you can review the hours for all completed shifts. If there are any adjustments to be made or the candidate is marked as a "No Show", select the shift and choose the "Need to make adjustments" tab. To mark a candidate as a "No Show", select the "No Show" option. You can edit the start time, finish time and the break, once completed click “Update shift”


Please note that the hours for the previous week will only be available for approval until Tuesday at 11:59 PM. After this time, the hours will the timesheet is finalized and the hours will be automatically approved with no further option for adjustment. It is important to ensure that the hours and shifts are correct before the auto-approval, as the timesheet reading after11:59 is the final account for the week administering responsibility for paying the candidate and liability for the associated invoice. You will be informed of the time remaining until auto-approval and will receive notifications reminding you to review the timesheets."

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